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Mammography & Beyond

Understanding new and developing technologies for the early detection of breast cancer is the objective of this course. It is known that many lives can be saved by early breast cancer detection. Many groups and organizations, private and government run, are involved in the process of finding breast cancer in the earliest stages possible. There are new technologies being developed in imaging of the breast that involves every imaging modality in the radiology department, and many other branches to help with the diagnosis of breast cancer. There are also technologies being developed in genetics and tumor markers, by studying cell growth and changes for the same reason. The development of technologies are under close evaluation and must meet many criteria before they can be implemented. The cost and coverage by insurance companies also plays a big role in development for these technologies. Getting women to participate in screening has become an obstacle. The cost of providing these services along with technologist to perform these services is also a challenge that must be overcome. This course covers all these issues and more. For the mammographer this course will give insight to what is being developed and what is being done to improve the current technologies. For a technologist considering mammography, it can be used as a guide, and for the radiographer, it will help with valuable patient information.

Please note if you order this course it must be completed by 3/31/2022.  We will discontinue this course at that time.  

Approved for 9.5 Category A Credits and 10 Florida State Technical Hours. Meets all other state requirements.

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