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Radiographic Image Analysis Ch 5-12

Need less then 24 credits? Chapter 5-12 for this textbook will give you a total of 15.75 Cat A Credits.

This course is divided into 12 chapters, each chapter discusses different aspects of the body.  Each projection is discussed with techniques, positioning of the patient, positioning of the equipment, CR for each, consideration for different body types, trauma, and corrections. Every position is followed up with visual aid.

This is a great course if you need refreshing or for confirming the skills you need to be to take radiographic images successfully.

APPROVED FOR a total of 15.75 Category A Credits and 15.75 Florida State technical hours. Meets all other state requirements.

Includes 2.5 CEC in digital radiography for the state of California requirements.

Image Analysis of the Shoulder CH-5 2.0 Credits
Image Analysis of the Lower Extremity CH-6 5.75 Credits
Image Analysis of the Hip and Pelvis CH-7 1.75 Credits
Image Analysis of the Cervical and Thoracic Vertebrae CH-8 2.0 Credits
Image Analysis of the Lumbar Vertebrae, Sacrum and Coccyx CH-9 1.5 Credits
Image Analysis of the Sternum and Ribs CH-10 0.75 Credits
Image Analysis of the Cranium CH-11 1.0 Credits
Image Analysis of the Digestive System CH-12 1.0 Credits


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