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Radiographic Imaging & Exposure

THIS COURSE IS PENDING APPROVAL. This product gives important information about radiographic film construction, processing and the production of quality radiograph’s. It also provides information about the latest developments in digital imaging and filmless radiography.

Pending approval FOR 11.25 Category A Credits, and 11.25 Florida State Technical Hours. Meets the 4 hour Digital Radiography and includes 2.5 hours in Radiation Safety for the Clinical Uses of Fluoroscopy Requirements in the State of California. Meets all other state requirements.

You can order the “Test Only” from us below and order the E book on Google Play Books.

Order the E Book at this link:

E Book also available to rent on Amazon

Please be aware, the ARRT is making some changes on how credit is distributed.  This courses will have some changes to the post test after 4/30/2023.  If you have not completed it by then please contact us for the updates.  The changes will be either some added or deleted test questions.  If this is confusing to you, we understand that. Please feel free to contact us via email at or call/text us at (941) 238-8614. RCEEM will also change on the above date.