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Radiography Essentials Ch 13-26

Need less then 24 credits? Chapters 13-26 for this textbook will give you 14.25 Cat A Credits.

Although this course is geared towards the limited scope Radiography, it is a great refresher for all technologist. It has and introduction to radiography, the science of radiography, radiographic anatomy, positioning, pathology, professionalism, patient care and ancillary clinical skills. It is a well rounded course for all imaging technologist.

Chapters 13-26 approved for 14.25 Category A Credits, and 14.25 Florida State Cat A Credits.  Meets all other state requirements.


Upper Limb and Shoulder Girdle CH-13 1.5 CE Credits
Lower Limb and Pelvis -CH-14 1.25 CE Credits
Spine CH-15 1.25 CE Credits
Bony Thorax, Chest, and Abdomen CH-16 1.25 CE Credits
Skull, Facial Bones, and paranasal Sinuses CH-17 1.25 CE Credits
Radiography of Pediatric and Geriatric Patients CH-18 1.25 CE Credits
Image Evaluation CH-19 1.0 CE Credits
Ethics, Legal Considerations, and Professionalism CH-20 1.5 CE Credits
Safety and Infection Control -CH-21 1.0 CE Credits
Assessing, Patients and Managing Acute Situations CH-22 0.75 CE Credits
Medications and Their Administration CH-23 0.75 CE Credits
Medical Laboratory Skills CH-24 0.5 CE Credits
Additional Procedures for Assessment and Diagnosis CH-25 0.5 CE Credits
Bone Densitometry CH-26 0.5 CE Credits

Available as 180 day(6 mo) complete E Book course for $79.99 or 90 day complete E Book course $69.99 see options below. BOTH OPTIONS COME WITH E BOOK AND TEST.  

For the textbook version please go back to our available courses page and choose the option for 27.5 total credits.